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Are you a writer who loves turning yummy prose into warm, delicious books but hates – and we mean HATES – writing blurbs for them with a passion? Well look no further, let The Blurb Diva write for you!

The Blurb Diva can take your humdrum book description and turn it into sparkling literary gold that your readers will be scrambling all over themselves to snatch right up!

From “starting from scratch” descriptions or reconstructing a synopsis to spicing up a pre-existing blurb, we can do it all!

All genres are welcome!

We also provide:

Dialogue editing
Scene editing/Plotting assistance
Email media blast content/Author Bios
Social media content editing

So, if you have a project that needs a little extra punch or a sassy little kick, inquire within! The Blurb Diva is ready to write for you!

“Writers give readers the pleasure of allowing others to read their daydreams…”
The Blurb Diva