Praise for The Blurb Diva!

“Her blurbs for my books gave me chills when I read them – that’s how good they were – and I hate to feel like my dialogue is flat, or could be more interesting. This service has transformed my books, injecting humor and realism that they’ve never had before. Readers tell me how much they love my characters and I know it is because they love the way The Blurb Diva brings them to life.” Lisa Ladew –

“Creatively collaborating with The Blurb Diva  has been an incredible experience. Like most authors, I’m protective of my work. Maintaining my style and voice is incredibly important to me. Collaborating with The Blurb Diva has only enhanced my creativity! She’s able to make suggestions that perfectly match your vision, pointing out character traits and plotlines that seem so obvious you’re shocked you missed them. You can tell she loves stories from all genres, from romance to action, sweet Christian to horror. Working together has been better than I could’ve ever hoped and I can’t wait to see what else we can come up with together!” Adele Huxley –


“As an indie author, writing is what I love and want to do, but when it comes the marketing blurbs, descriptions and pitches, I’m terrible at it and dread it. A good friend and bestselling author recommended The Blurb Diva to me, and said she did a fantastic job writing blurbs for her books. I provided a quick summary of my book to her and she captured the essence of my story perfectly while creating a blurb so GOOD that I couldn’t wait to read it myself, and then I thought, “oh, wait a minute, that’s my book!” I can’t recommend her highly enough, and the relief in knowing I can turn to her for all my blurbs and pitches? Priceless.” Kate Cambridge –


“The Blurb Diva did a wonderful job rewriting the blurbs on all my book series. One re-write has definitely increased sales and revived a book previously published. She’s definitely my preference for blurb projects for my upcoming books.” Jaelynn McCranie –

“The Blurb Diva is amazing. After getting an idea of the plot and characters she summarized the story in an effective, enticing bit of prose that make browsers want to buy my book. I have used her many times and will continue to do so.”
Kara Kinsley –

“For over a year we struggled with the best way to describe our children’s book. The Blurb Diva perfectly blended every thought, word, possible inkling, and coined it into the perfect blurb. The Blurb Diva undoubtedly has the gift of brevity!”
Kamaria Lofton –