Our Collaborations!

Lisa Ladew

Heat 8; The Biker’s Secret Torment; The Billionaire’s Secret Kink Prequel.

Kate Cambridge

Mae’s Choice

Jamie Garrett

Keila (Dreamcatchers Book 2);  Payton (Dreamcatchers Book 3);  Dark Secret (DARC Ops, Book 1);  Dark Web (DARC Ops, Book 2); Dark Heart (DARC Ops, Book 3).

Jaelynn McCranie

Jamaican Sunrise Complete Box Set; The Desire to Control, The Complete Series; Credentials, Complete Series Box Set.

Adele Huxley

Chronicles of a Serial Dater: The Series

Katherine Mackenzie

The Highlander’s Destiny; The Highlander’s Hot-Shot Doc; The Highlander’s Proposition.

Kara Kinsley

Music for My Soul; Love on the Laramie River.

Kamaria Lofton

Around the Lake Series: My City is Oakland